Using photos and information provided by BASF, I put together a custom 13 month calendar featuring some of the most amazing hot rods, muscle cars, rat rods and classic trucks that were all refinished using the R-M paint brand. The Body Shops and individuals that refinished these vehicles submitted photos and information about themselves and their restorations/creations to BASF and were hand picked to be included in the calendar.

Once the winners were picked, I was tasked with picking out what I thought were the best cars for each month, such as the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda painted with R-M Diamont Moulin Rouge for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness. 

I needed to make sure the theme and color of every month matched the midtones or highlights of the vehicle’s colors exactly throughout the month, while also keeping within R-M’s strict brand guidelines. This was tough since every car was different, including the cover. The back cover of the calendar features every month and a quick glance at the previous, current and future years.

The calendar also had to be multilingual since BASF’s North American market is English, Spanish and French-Canadian. This required us to not only post American holidays, but also Mexican and Canadian Holidays in each appropriate language.


R-M 2019 Calendar




Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC

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