For a personal project, I live stream video games on Facebook Gaming and I wanted to start a live AI vs. AI Madden Football tournament to give people some sports to watch during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pulling design inspiration from a few past years of NFL sportscasting shows, game advertisements and actual game graphics, designed the Winter 2021 Madden Tournament, presented by Busted Bones Gaming and Untamed Gorilla Games.

With so many different pieces to design for every game, such as the video thumbnail and game time announcement, I needed to create an overarching brand guide and templates to ensure that the look and feel of the tournament throughout. The difference being on the bracket and and any general announcements have the light blue background to draw attention to it. The games share the yellow, bold black italicized text and background elements to tie it together.

In total for the entirety of the tournament, I created  8 brackets (1 for every 4 games), 31 video thumbnails, 31 game time announcements and 3 general announcements for 73 different images over the span of 2 months.


Madden AI Streaming Tournament Branding


Busted Bones Gaming


Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, OBS

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