Affirmations is a LGBTQ+ community center located in Ferndale, Michigan and has been the hub for southeast Michigan LGBTQ+ communities and its allies for over 30 years. They wanted a T-Shirt to sell on their website, also designed by me, to help promote the community center and to give representation to it’s members.

As a way to represent as many different members of the LGBTQ+ community as possible, we utilized the different flags that represent each and incorporated them into each letter that makes up “Affirmations”.

In order to get the desired look, I took the Affirmations Logo we had redesigned the previous year along with 13 of the flags from the LGBTQ+ community and created clipping masks in each of the letters, letting the flags show through.

During production, we had to make sure we were using a shirt that was made with ring-spun cotton as we were printing on the shirt using direct to garment. If we had used a simple cotton or polyester shirt, the print wouldn’t have adhered correctly to the shirt.

For the promotion of the shirt, we set up preorders on the shop.goaffirmations.com website and coordinated with Affirmations during their Online Telethon, while simultaneously setting up email campaigns to promote to their other members.


Affirmations Shirt Design & Promotion




Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, HTML/CSS

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